Launch your Passion to Profit Group Program

Looking forward to Generating Profits, of your Passion, then this is a Course designed for you!

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There are many out there, just like you who want to Break the 9-5 Cycle!

Just Like you want to!

This is a 5-week Course where I will help you right from the step one.

This specialization is a guide to creating your own business. We will cover a progression of topics necessary for successful business creation including

  • your Mindset, 
  • Ideation, 
  • Planning, 
  • Action, and 
  • Launching Strategy.

However, rather than just describing what to do, the focus will be on guiding you through the process of actually doing it, hence getting along the theory will be Carried here & the discussions with other participants and Connect with me Directly in my Facebook Group dedicated just for you all.

The Course will bring all of the tools and lessons discussed together for you to launch your business.

It may not be the business of your dreams, but it will be a functional business giving you the execution capability to start working on something that you are passionate about & will further Build it to become the business of your dreams!

This Course is for you, only and only if you are:
  • Ready to COMMIT toward your Dreams,
  • Needs to be an ACTION TAKER as it's up to you when it comes to execution & I am here to offer you support just a Click away.
  • READY TO LEVEL UP, since starting your Business is not as easy as applying butter on your Bread
  • EMBRACES FAILURE AND SUCCESS just like a kid learns walking same way you need to learn from each lesson & grow further, adapting with challenges.
  • As an Entrepreneur, remember you always need to be READY TO SUPPORT OTHERS with the services with you offer, rather than only focusing on making Money.

The purpose of this course is to present, analyze and discuss the different facets of business strategy formulation. Join the Course to get things in motion.
Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs, Online Entrepreneur

Sushmita Jain


Sushmita Jain is a Rebel by action, her journey from being a Biotechnologist to becoming a Business Strategist, was not easy; however, she loved making her own way. 

She's always focused on working on her passions.
If you ask about her work, she looks forward to connecting with Clients, understanding them as well as their needs to offer Personalized Business Strategizing Solutions based on who they are, helping them generate profits of their passions with building a solid online presence that is profitable and authentic.

Other than work she is a traveler and explorer, looking and Searching for what Life has new to Offer.

She will share how you can employ your Passion as the Fundamental Key Ingredient in your Online Business to assist you to generate Profits and Grow your Biz!